Attorney Terc is your matrimonial law attorney in the Astoria, NY region

Getting divorced is never easy, and it can lead to many legal challenges. Fortunately, a matrimonial law attorney can assist you when you need help. Hire Terc Law Offices, P.C. to represent your best interests.

When you have questions about child custody, paternity or divorce, attorney Terc is here to help. Connect with his office in Astoria, NY now to set up a date for a consultation.

What can attorney Terc do for your family law needs?

Terc Law Offices can provide you with a variety of legal services. You should call attorney Terc when you need family law assistance because:

  • A divorce attorney can help mediate your divorce proceedings.
  • A child custody attorney can work hard to ensure your right to see your child.
  • A paternity attorney can handle the legal side of determining a child's true father.
Work with an experienced matrimonial law attorney in Astoria, NY to handle your situation. Contact attorney Terc's Queens office now to learn more.